A graduate of the prestigious PhiBrows Academy, our new brow microblading artist Ivana has always had an eye for details and strives to bring a fresh and natural look to her clients’ beautiful faces by creating Phi brows – a manual semi-permanent technique of hyper-realistic eyebrows.

Her experience of working as a Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta has given Ivana an amazing opportunity to firsthand see and hear what her clients would like to change or improve when it comes to their brows. As she saw other opportunities to help her clients in different ways other than massaging, she began to think of expanding her skill set, which ultimately resulted with diving into the world of semi permanent make up industry.

She believes that perfect brows are a form of art, that each set of brows is unique, and therefore should be measured and shaped according to facial morphology and golden proportion found in everything in nature.

Her goal is to help others feel confident and to enhance their natural beauty by reaching the full brow potential – the frame of the face.

She is excited to introduce her services at Alia Wellness Centre and help her clients achieve their desired brow results!

Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading



HOW LONG DOES MICROBLADING RESULT LAST? – Depending on skin type and care, the pigment will slowly fade over time (12 – 18 months on normal or dry skin, 6 – 8 months on oily skin)

IS MICROBLADING PAINFUL? – It can be a little uncomfortable for more sensitive people, however an anaesthetic is applied after the first pass to keep the pain and discomfort to a minimum.

DOWN TIME: During the first 7 days post treatment an ointment is applied 3 – 5 times a day. Water, sweat, make up or moisturizer should be avoided near or on brows.